Nodes to interact with HTTP- and REST-based services and for parsing HTML data. Using the “HTTP Retriever” node, different HTTP methods can be executed: GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, and DELETE. Utility nodes allow to convert HTTP payloads in different formats, see the “Form Encoded HTTP Entity Creator” and “Multipart Encoded HTTP Entity Creator”. For extracting data from HTML pages, use the “HTML Parser” node.

This category contains 18 nodes.

Content Extractor Deprecated

Extractor for content from (X)HTML documents.

Feed Discovery 

Searches feed links in (X)HTML documents.

Feed Parser 

Feed parser based on ROME for parsing web feeds in RSS and Atom format.

Form Encoded HTTP Entity Creator 

Create form encoded HTTP entities from string columns.

HTML Node to Text Streamable

Transform XML nodes from HTML markup to human-readable text.

HTML Parser 

HTML parser for parsing general HTML content to DOM documents.

HTTP Result Data Extractor 

Extract string content, status code and HTTP headers from HTTP Result cells.

HTTP Retriever 

This node allows to perform different HTTP methods.

HTTP Retriever Deprecated

Loads documents from the Web.

Multipart Encoded HTTP Entity Creator 

Create multipart encoded HTTP entities.