Conformal prediction

This category contains 8 nodes.

Conformal Calibration Loop End 

Aggregates the results of conformal prediction training: calibration tables and models.

Conformal Calibration Loop Start 

Splits the input table into two new tables: training and calibration.

Conformal Calibrator 

Creates a calibration table with ranking for further calibration of the test data sets.

Conformal Classifier Streamable

Produces predictions based on the calibration table and the significance level provided by the user.

Conformal Prediction Loop End 

Aggregates the results of conformal prediction.

Conformal Prediction Loop Start 

Iterates over Model and Calibration table pairwise.

Conformal Predictor Streamable

Calculates the table with p-values for test data based on the provided calibration table.

Conformal Scorer 

Compares predictions made by Conformal Classifier with actual values.