This category contains 21 nodes.

GaussianProcesses (3.7) 

Implements Gaussian processes for regression without hyperparameter-tuning

IsotonicRegression (3.7) 

Learns an isotonic regression model

KernelLogisticRegression (3.7) 

This classifier generates a two-class kernel logistic regression model

LibLINEAR (3.7) 

A wrapper class for the liblinear classifier. Rong-En Fan, Kai-Wei Chang, Cho-Jui Hsieh, Xiang-Rui Wang, Chih-Jen Lin (2008)

LibSVM (3.7) 

A wrapper class for the libsvm tools (the libsvm classes, typically the jar file, need to be in the classpath to use this classifier). LibSVM runs faster […]

LinearRegression (3.7) 

Class for using linear regression for prediction

Logistic (3.7) 

Class for building and using a multinomial logistic regression model with a ridge estimator. There are some modifications, however, compared to the paper of […]

MultilayerPerceptron (3.7) 

A Classifier that uses backpropagation to classify instances. This network can be built by hand, created by an algorithm or both

PaceRegression (3.7) 

Class for building pace regression linear models and using them for prediction

RBFClassifier (3.7) 

Class implementing radial basis function networks for classification, trained in a fully supervised manner using WEKA's Optimization class by minimizing […]