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BayesianLogisticRegression (3.7) 

Implements Bayesian Logistic Regression for both Gaussian and Laplace Priors. For more information, see Alexander Genkin, David D

BayesNet (3.7) 

Bayes Network learning using various search algorithms and quality measures. Base class for a Bayes Network classifier

ComplementNaiveBayes (3.7) 

Class for building and using a Complement class Naive Bayes classifier. For more information see, Jason D

DMNBtext (3.7) 

Class for building and using a Discriminative Multinomial Naive Bayes classifier

HNB (3.7) 

Contructs Hidden Naive Bayes classification model with high classification accuracy and AUC. For more information refer to: H

NaiveBayes (3.7) 

Class for a Naive Bayes classifier using estimator classes

NaiveBayesMultinomial (3.7) 

Class for building and using a multinomial Naive Bayes classifier

NaiveBayesMultinomialText (3.7) 

Multinomial naive bayes for text data