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ADTree Deprecated

Class for generating an alternating decision tree.

BFTree Deprecated

Class for building a best-first decision tree classifier.

DecisionStump Deprecated

Class for building and using a decision stump.

Id3 Deprecated

Class for constructing an unpruned decision tree based on the ID3 algorithm.

J48 Deprecated

Class for generating an alternating decision tree.

J48 (Weka) Deprecated

Generates an unpruned or pruned C4.5 decision tree (WEKA).

LMT Deprecated

Classifier for building 'logistic model trees', which are classification trees with logistic regression functions at the leaves.

M5P Deprecated

M5Base. Implements base routines for generating M5 Model trees and rules.

NBTree Deprecated

Class for generating a decision tree with naive Bayes classifiers at the leaves.

RandomForest Deprecated

Class for constructing a forest of random trees.