This category contains 16 nodes.

GaussianProcesses Deprecated

Implements Gaussian Processes for regression without hyperparameter-tuning.

IsotonicRegression Deprecated

Learns an isotonic regression model.

LeastMedSq Deprecated

Implements a least median sqaured linear regression utilising the existing weka LinearRegression class to form predictions.

LinearRegression Deprecated

Class for using linear regression for prediction.

Logistic Deprecated

Class for building and using a multinomial logistic regression model with a ridge estimator.

MultilayerPerceptron Deprecated

A Classifier that uses backpropagation to classify instances.

PaceRegression Deprecated

Class for building pace regression linear models and using them for prediction.

PLSClassifier Deprecated

A wrapper classifier for the PLSFilter, utilizing the PLSFilter's ability to perform predictions.

RBFNetwork Deprecated

Class that implements a normalized Gaussian radial basisbasis function network.

SimpleLinearRegression Deprecated

Learns a simple linear regression model.