This category contains 5360 nodes.

Database Joiner Deprecated

Joins two database tables

Database Looping Deprecated

This node runs SQL queries in the connected database restricted by the possible values given by the input table.

Database Numeric-Binner Deprecated

Group values of numeric columns categorized string type.

Database Pivot Deprecated

The Database Pivot node allows to pivot and group the input table by the selected columns for pivoting and grouping; enhanced by column aggregations.

Database Query Deprecated

Modifies the input SQL query from a incoming database connection.

Database Reader Deprecated

Establishes and opens a database access connection to read a table from.

Database Row Filter Deprecated

The Database Row Filter allows to filter rows from database table.

Database Sampling Deprecated

The Database Sampling creates a SQL statement that allows to sample (a bunch of rows) from a database table

Database Sorter Deprecated

The Database Sorter allows to sort rows from a database table.

Database SQL Executor Deprecated

The Database Executor allows to execute any custom SQL Statement on the database.