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CountSorted Deprecated

count list of sorted values.

Create Collection Column Deprecated

Combines multiple columns into a new collection column.

Database GroupBy Deprecated

The Database GroupBy allows to group by the selected columns and output aggregated data to the generated groups.

Date (String) Input (legacy) Deprecated

Outputs a date in a string flow variable with a given value.

Decision Stump Deprecated

Class for building and using a decision stump.

Decision Table Deprecated

Class for building and using a simple decision table majority classifier.

Decision Tree Learner Deprecated

Decision tree induction performed in memory.

Decision Tree Predictor Deprecated

Uses an existing decision tree to compute class labels for input vectors.

Distance Matrix Calculate Deprecated

Calculates distance matrix on input table and appends result as (typed) column.

Double Input (legacy) Deprecated

Outputs a double-precision floating point variable with a given value.