This category contains 4697 nodes.

Distance Matrix Calculate Deprecated

Calculates distance matrix on input table and appends result as (typed) column.

Double Input (legacy) Deprecated

Outputs a double-precision floating point variable with a given value.

Download Deprecated

Download file or folder from a server.

Download / Upload from List Deprecated

Copy files contained in a list from one (remote) location to another.

Dummy Input (legacy) Deprecated

Placeholder quickform input node that allows the user to force a break in the wizard execution.

Empty Table Replacer Deprecated

Replaces an empty table with an inactive branch.

Enrichment Plotter Deprecated

Draws enrichment curves

Enrichment Plotter Deprecated

Draws enrichment curves

Entropy Scorer (deprecated) Deprecated

Scorer for clustering results given a reference clustering.

File Download (legacy) Deprecated

Provides a KNIME quick form with a downloadable file.