This category contains 5427 nodes.

Database Sampling Deprecated

The Database Sampling creates a SQL statement that allows to sample (a bunch of rows) from a database table

Database Sorter Deprecated

The Database Sorter allows to sort rows from a database table.

Database SQL Executor Deprecated

The Database Executor allows to execute any custom SQL Statement on the database.

Database Table Connector Deprecated

Creates a database connection to the specified database.

Database Table Creator Deprecated

This node allows a user to create a new database table either manually or based on the data table spec of an input data table.

Database Table Selector Deprecated

Selects a table from a database using the input database JDBC connection.

Database Update Deprecated

Updates the selected rows in the database with the data values from the input tables.

Database Writer StreamableDeprecated

Establishes and opens a database access connection to which the entire input table is written to.

Date (String) Input (legacy) Deprecated

Outputs a date in a string flow variable with a given value.

Decision Stump Deprecated

Class for building and using a decision stump.