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This example shows how to orchestrate the fault tolerant execution of multiple local KNIME Workflows. All Workflows in the batch are repeatedly executed […]


Guided Labeling for Document Classification This workflow defines a fully automated web based application that will label your data using active […]


Guided visualization provides a business analyst with the most appropriate visualizations according to how many columns are selected and what is the data […]


Guided exploration provides a data scientist with insights into data at hand. Any dataset can be used. The data are automatically cleaned by removing […]

IconInterpretable ML - Binary Classifier Inspector Node 

This is an overview of the Binary Classification Inspector node in Knime. This node let's you visually explore the performance metrics and also provides an […]

IconLog Parser and Usage Reporting 

KNIME Server Log Parsing This workflow parses logfiles created during the operation of KNIME Server. The workflow was developed using KNIME Server 4.6.2, […]