This directory contains 4 workflows.

Icon01. Data Importing and Preprocessing - solution 

Data Importing and Preprocessing. Load the training data, training labels and test data in the workflow and preprocess the images for the neural network.

Icon02. Define U-Net - solution 

Create a Unet Architecture using No-Code nodes. Create a conda environment for Keras under Preferences -> KNIME -> Python Deep Learning. Name it […]

Icon03. Train Model - solution 

Train a Unet using No-Code nodes. 1. Partition your data using the Partitioning node (Settings: Relative partitioning size 80%, Draw randomly). 2. Use the […]

Icon04. Deploy Model - solution 

Deploy a Unet using No-Code nodes. 1. Reuse the Preprocessing Image component created in 01.Exercise to apply the identical preprocessing to the test data. […]