This directory contains 7 workflows.


Weekly Covid cycle detector This workflow analyses daily Covid-19 case data to look for evidence of a weekly cycle in the numbers reported each day. It […]


HeatTraKR This workflow visualises long-term climate data from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. It produces plots of average maximum temperature and […]


TextKleaner This workflow is designed to help you prepare a textual dataset for a bag-of-words style computational analysis. It assumes that you already […]


TopicKR This workflow helps you to generate and compare a series of topic models from a collection of preprocessed documents. It produces a range of […]


Trove KnewsGetter This workflow allows you to download historical newspaper articles from the National Library of Australia's Trove service. To use it, […]


TroveKleaner This workflow uses some highly experimental methods to correct some (not all) OCR errors in large collections of documents. Please read the […]


TweetKollidR A workflow to collect and visualise data from Twitter. Using the Twitter API, this workflow retrieves tweets that match specified search […]