Node Connectivity

There are 12 nodes that can be used as predessesor for a node with an input port of type GraphCollection.


Counts all nodes and edges per graph in the collection.


Creates the union/intersection/difference of two graph collections.


Limits the number of graphs in a collection to the specified maximum.


Filter logical graphs from a graph collection based on their associated graph head.

CSV DataSource 

Loads graph data from a directory containing a logical graph or a graph collection in Gradoop CSV format.

EdgeList DataSource 

Load graph data from a directory containing a file representing (labeled-)edge list.

GDL DataSource 

Reads a graph collection from a GDL string.


Evaluates the given query using the Cypher query engine.


Splits a logical graph into a graph collection based on user-defined property values.

Weakly Connected Components 

Computes the weakly connected components of a logical graph and returns them as graphs in a graph collection.