Node Connectivity

There are 135 nodes that can be used as predessesor for a node with an input port of type Flowvariable.

Explorer Browser 

Allows browsing the locations mounted in KNIME explorer and exposing the result as URL and absolute file path.

Create Temp Dir 

Creates a temporary directory upon execute and exposes its path as flow variable.

Extract Context Properties 

Reads workflow context related properties, including workflow name and the logged in user.

Amazon S3 File Picker 

Generates a pre-signed URL of an Amazon S3 object.

Azure Blob Store File Picker 

Generates a pre-signed URL for a blob.

Create Directory 

Create a directory locally or on a server.

URI Port to Variable 

Output the URIs from an URI port object to variables.

Generic JavaScript View 

Executes JavaScript code to generate a view.

CSS Editor 

Provides CSS Code for other JS nodes.