Node Connectivity

There are 59 nodes that can be used as predessesor for a node with an input port of type Database Connection.

Table Connector 

This is a Database Table Connection Test.TG

Writer/Update Streamable

This is a Database Writer supporting Postgres spatial data. GT. Establishes and opens a database access connection to which the entire input table is […]

DataDirect Connector 

Connects to the DataDirect service / Data Virtualization layer for data aquisition & meta data.

Database DISTINCT 

This node performs a 'DISTINCT' operation on the selected column(s)

Database Numeric Range 

This node performs MIN() and MAX() operations on the selected numeric column(s)

Database Select Table (Interactive) 

This node allows the user to select a table via dropdowns rather than knowing the exact table / schema name

Database Table Exists IF Switch 

IF Switch node with active branch based on whether the database connection contains the specified table

Database IF Switch 

Database IF switch to alter active branch of database connection ports