Node Connectivity

There are 4195 nodes that can be used as predessesor for a node with an input port of type Generic Port.

Normalized Cuts 

Node for performing Normalized cuts algorithm on Spectral data, where the spectra are stored in the rows of a DataTable.

Normalized Cuts Image 

Perform Normalized Cuts clustering on an image.


This node is useful for performing Self orgranizng map clustering in KNIIME.

Mean and Basepeak Spectrum 

This is a node which calculates and sketches a mean or a basepeak spectrum.

Spectrum JPEG 

This node allows for single spectra intensities to be plotted against m/z onto a single chart and saved as a JPEG.

Combine m/z and Intensity 

This node is used to combine m/z and intensity values into one table. This is only to be used if the data is continuous.

ImzML Basic Data 

This node is used for loading basic information about an imzML dataset into a KNIME table.

ImzML Reader (Column Spectrums) 

This node is used for reading a whole imzML dataset into memory where each column is a spectrum. Please ensure that the imzML and ibd files have the same […]

Ion Image Loop Start 

This node is a loop start which can be used to read in an imzML dataset one image at a time.