Node Connectivity

There are 79 nodes that can be used as predessesor for a node with an input port of type Spark Data.

Table to Spark StreamableDeprecated

Creates a Spark DataFrame/RDD from the KNIME data table.

Text to Spark 

Reads text into a Spark DataFrame/RDD

Text to Spark Deprecated

Reads text into a Spark DataFrame/RDD

Persist Spark DataFrame/RDD 

Persists the incoming Spark DataFrame/RDD using the specified storage level.

Spark Column Rename (Regex) 

Renames all columns based on regular expression search & replace pattern.

Spark Compiled Transformations Applier 

Executes the transformation code generated by a PMML Compiler.

Spark Normalizer 

Normalizes the attributes of a Spark DataFrame/RDD.

Spark Number To Category (Apply) 

Reverts the actions of Spark Category To Number by mapping the numbers back to categories.