Node Connectivity

There are 2630 nodes that can be used as successor for a node with an output port of type Data.

Failed Rows Splitter (Cluster Executor) 

Splits the rows from the input table into rows that were successfully processed and rows that were not processed on the cluster.

Read Images 

Read images from a list of URLs and append them as a new column.

CSV Writer Streamable

Saves a data table into an ASCII file.

ARFF Writer 

Writes data into a file in ARFF format.

Table Writer 

Writes a data table to a file using an internal format.

Model Writer 

Writes KNIME model port objects to a file.

Image Writer (Table Column) 

Writes all in a column images to a directory.

Excel Sheet Appender (XLS) 

Appends a data table to an existing workbook.

Excel Writer (XLS) 

Saves a data table into a new workbook.

ORC Writer Streamable

Writes KNIME Table into a ORC File