Node Connectivity

There are 291 nodes that can be used as successor for a node with an output port of type URI Object.

AdEffx Fetch Report (P&G) 

Retrieves generated report from AdEffx API.

Ligand-Set Splitter 

Splits a ligand-set into its components

LSD Writer 

Writer for LigandScout LSD-Files

Don't Save End (URI Port) 

Ends a block of a workflow that is reset once this node is executed, deleting all intermediate results.

Don't Save Start (URI Port) 

Starts a workflow block that is reset automatically once the corresponding Don't Save End is executed.


This nodes takes two files (file lists) as input and outputs a merged list of both inputs.


This node takes a list of files as input and outputs a split list of three output files plus the rest of the files in the fourth output.

File Splitter for Cluster 

Splits a file port into multiple files and references them in a table to be distributed across a cluster.