Node Connectivity

There are 27 nodes that can be used as successor for a node with an output port of type Spark MLlib Model.

Model Writer 

Writes KNIME model port objects to a file.

Sunburst Chart 

A sunburst chart based on the d3.js library.

Boosting Learner Loop End 

Loop end node for learning an ensemble model with boosting

Model Loop End 

Collects and combines all models provided during the loop iterations.

Model to Cell 

Converts a model input into a single table cell.

Spark MLlib to PMML 

Converts supported Spark MLlib models to PMML model.

Spark Predictor (MLlib) 

Predicts input data based on a previously learned Spark MLlib model (e.g. decision tree).

Keras Convolutional LSTM 2D Layer 

2D Convolutional Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM) layer.

Keras Convolutional LSTM 2D Layer Deprecated

2D Convolutional Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM) layer.