Node Connectivity

There are 43 nodes that can be used as successor for a node with an output port of type FSK object.

AdEffx Fetch Report (P&G) 

Retrieves generated report from AdEffx API.

FSK Editor Deprecated

Edit the scripts in an FSK object

FSK Editor JS Deprecated

Edit the scripts in an FSK object

FSK Metadata Editor Deprecated

Edit the metadata in an FSK object

FSK Runner Deprecated

This node runs an FSK model

FSK to R Deprecated

Extracts the R workspace out of an FSK object. The R workspace may be used with KNIME R nodes.

FSK to metadata Deprecated

Extract metadata from an FSK object

FSKX Writer Deprecated

Writes an FSK object into a FSKX file.

Ligand-Set Splitter 

Splits a ligand-set into its components

LSD Writer 

Writer for LigandScout LSD-Files