This category contains 21 nodes.

Align image ManipulatorStreamable

Align image using simple cross-correlation

CLAHE ManipulatorStreamable

Contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization.

Colorspace Converter ManipulatorStreamable

Converts an image between different color spaces, e.g. from RGB to HSB (and back) or from RGB to Lab (and back).

DoG Spot Detection ManipulatorStreamable

Difference of Gaussian (DoG) Spot Detection.

Global Thresholder ManipulatorStreamable

A threshold is determined manually or calculated automatically to threshold the image.

Grayscale Reconstruction ManipulatorStreamable

Reconstruct a grayscale or binary image from a marker image.

Image Calculator ManipulatorStreamable

Evaluates mathematical formula on images, appending result as a new image column or replacing an input column.

Image Cropper ManipulatorStreamable

Crops orthogonal selections from an image and puts them together again.

Image Normalizer ManipulatorStreamable

Enhances the image contrast by either normalizing or equalizing it. If you set a lebling in the second column, the region of interests (ROIs) defined by […]

Intensity Binner ManipulatorStreamable

This node allows to bin pixel intensities, i.e. re-assigning pixel values depending on what interval the original pixel values belong to. It is […]