BioSolveIT Nodes

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IconCoLibri (Chemical Spaces) 

CoLibri (Chemical Spaces)


I/O Nodes

Assess Affinity with Hyde in SeeSAR 

This node assesses the affinity of protein-ligand complexes with Hyde in SeeSAR.

Chemical Space Search with FTrees 

Search an FTrees Chemical Space for similar molecules.

Compute FlexS Alignments 

This node performs FlexS 3D Alignments.

Compute FTrees Similarity 

This node computes an FTrees similarity matrix for sets of query and library molecules.

Convert Molecules with Naomi 

A node to convert molecules from and to different file formats.

Filter Molecules with Naomi 

This node filters molecules using many different properties.

FlexX Docking 

This node docks or optionally overlays onto a given template.

FTrees Query Generator 

This node generates tailored queries for FTrees.