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CHIRP (3.7) 

CHIRP is an iterative sequence of three stages (projecting, binning, and covering) that are designed to deal with the curse of dimensionality, computational […]

FLR (3.7) 

Fuzzy Lattice Reasoning Classifier (FLR) v5.0 The Fuzzy Lattice Reasoning Classifier uses the notion of Fuzzy Lattices for creating a Reasoning Environment. […]

HyperPipes (3.7) 

Class implementing a HyperPipe classifier

InputMappedClassifier (3.7) 

Wrapper classifier that addresses incompatible training and test data by building a mapping between the training data that a classifier has been built with […]

OSDL (3.7) 

This class is an implementation of the Ordinal Stochastic Dominance Learner. Further information regarding the OSDL-algorithm can be found in: S

SerializedClassifier (3.7) 

A wrapper around a serialized classifier model

VFI (3.7) 

Classification by voting feature intervals