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ConjunctiveRule (3.7) 

This class implements a single conjunctive rule learner that can predict for numeric and nominal class labels. A rule consists of antecedents "AND"ed […]

DecisionTable (3.7) 

Class for building and using a simple decision table majority classifier. For more information see: Ron Kohavi: The Power of Decision Tables

DTNB (3.7) 

Class for building and using a decision table/naive bayes hybrid classifier

FURIA (3.7) 

FURIA: Fuzzy Unordered Rule Induction Algorithm Details please see: Jens Christian Huehn, Eyke Huellermeier (2009)

JRip (3.7) 

This class implements a propositional rule learner, Repeated Incremental Pruning to Produce Error Reduction (RIPPER), which was proposed by William W

LAC (3.7) 

Implements the LAC (Lazy Associative Classifier) algorithm, which uses associative rules to execute classifications

M5Rules (3.7) 

Generates a decision list for regression problems using separate-and-conquer

NNge (3.7) 

Nearest-neighbor-like algorithm using non-nested generalized exemplars (which are hyperrectangles that can be viewed as if-then rules)

OLM (3.7) 

This class is an implementation of the Ordinal Learning Method (OLM). Further information regarding the algorithm and variants can be found in: Arie […]