Association Rules

This category contains 7 nodes.

Apriori (3.7) 

Class implementing an Apriori-type algorithm

FilteredAssociator (3.7) 

Class for running an arbitrary associator on data that has been passed through an arbitrary filter

FPGrowth (3.7) 

Class implementing the FP-growth algorithm for finding large item sets without candidate generation

GeneralizedSequentialPatterns (3.7) 

Class implementing a GSP algorithm for discovering sequential patterns in a sequential data set. The attribute identifying the distinct data sequences […]

HotSpot (3.7) 

HotSpot learns a set of rules (displayed in a tree-like structure) that maximize/minimize a target variable/value of interest

PredictiveApriori (3.7) 

Class implementing the predictive apriori algorithm to mine association rules. It searches with an increasing support threshold for the best 'n' rules […]

Tertius (3.7) 

Finds rules according to confirmation measure (Tertius-type algorithm). For more information see: P