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IB1 (3.6) 

Nearest-neighbour classifier. Uses normalized Euclidean distance to find the training instance closest to the given test instance, and predicts the same […]

IBk (3.6) 

K-nearest neighbours classifier. Can select appropriate value of K based on cross-validation. Can also do distance weighting. For more information, see D. […]

KStar (3.6) 

K* is an instance-based classifier, that is the class of a test instance is based upon the class of those training instances similar to it, as determined by […]

LBR (3.6) 

Lazy Bayesian Rules Classifier. The naive Bayesian classifier provides a simple and effective approach to classifier learning, but its attribute […]

LWL (3.6) 

Locally weighted learning. Uses an instance-based algorithm to assign instance weights which are then used by a specified WeightedInstancesHandler. Can do […]