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Column Resorter Deprecated

Resorts the order of the columns based on user input

Column Selection QuickForm (legacy) Deprecated

Takes a data table and returns a variable with the selected column name.

Column Splitter Deprecated

Splits the columns of the input table into two output tables.

Column to Grid Deprecated

Breaks a selected column (or set of columns) into new columns, such that they align in a grid.

Complement Naive Bayes Deprecated

Class for building and using a Complement class Naive Bayes classifier.

Conjunctive Rule Deprecated

Single conjunctive rule learner for numeric and nominal class labels.

Correlation Filter Deprecated

Filters out correlated columns.

CountSorted Deprecated

count list of sorted values.

Create Collection Column Deprecated

Combines multiple columns into a new collection column.

Database GroupBy Deprecated

The Database GroupBy allows to group by the selected columns and output aggregated data to the generated groups.