This category contains 5427 nodes.

Bar Chart (deprecated) Deprecated

Displays a bar chart for all columns with nominal values.

Bayes Net Deprecated

BayesNetGenerator offers facilities for generating random Bayes networks.

Bitvector Generator Deprecated

Generates bitvectors either from a table containing numerical values, or from a string column containing the bit positions to set, […]

Boolean Input (legacy) Deprecated

Outputs an integer flow variable with a given value (boolean).

Box Authenticator (deprecated) Deprecated

Box Authenticator node.

CAIM Applier Deprecated

Takes a binning (discretization) model and a data table as input and bins (discretizes) the columns of the input data according to the model.

CAIM Binner Deprecated

This node implements the CAIM discretization algorithm according to Kurgan and Cios (2004). The discretization is performed with respect to a selected […]

Catch Errors (DB Ports) Deprecated

End of Try-Catch construct. Use second input if execution leading to first input failed.

Category To Number Deprecated

Maps each category of a column with nominal data to an integer.

Color Appender (legacy) Deprecated

Assigns an existing color model to a table.