This category contains 3639 nodes.

Boolean Input (legacy) Deprecated

Outputs an integer flow variable with a given value (boolean).

CAIM Applier Deprecated

Takes a binning (discretization) model and a data table as input and bins (discretizes) the columns of the input data according to the model.

CAIM Binner Deprecated

This node implements the CAIM discretization algorithm according to Kurgan and Cios (2004). The discretization is performed with respect to a selected […]

Category To Number Deprecated

Maps each category of a column with nominal data to an integer.

Color Appender Deprecated

Assigns an existing color model to a table.

Color Manager Deprecated

Assigns colors to a selected nominal or numeric column.

Column Combiner Deprecated

Combines the content of a set of columns and appends the concatenated string as separate column to the input table.

Column Filter Deprecated

The Column Filter allows columns to be excluded from the input table.

Column Filter QuickForm (legacy) Deprecated

Takes a data table and returns an empty data table with only the selected columns.

Column Resorter Deprecated

Resorts the order of the columns based on user input