This category contains 4940 nodes.

HiLite Row Collector Deprecated

Node allows to apply annotations to sets of hilit rows within a view.

Histogram Chart (deprecated) Deprecated

Node to display a histogram chart with JFreeChart.

HyperPipes Deprecated

Class implementing a HyperPipe classifier.

IB1 Deprecated

Nearest-neighbor classifier.

IBk Deprecated

K-nearest neighbors classifier.

ID3 Deprecated

Class for constructing an unpruned decision tree based on the ID3 algorithm.

IGVview Deprecated

Links to an IGV installation. * nInput hostname and port, chr name, start and stop position

Image Output (legacy) Deprecated

Shows an image as (remote) quickform result.


An InfluxDB Connector

Integer Input (legacy) Deprecated

Outputs an integer flow variable with a given value.