Node Connectivity

There are 19 nodes that can be used as predessesor for a node with an input port of type LogicalGraph.

Graphs -> Graph 

Combines all graphs in a collection into one logical graph.

CSV DataSource 

Loads graph data from a directory containing a logical graph or a graph collection in Gradoop CSV format.

Customizable CSV Reader 

Load a graph from different vertex and edge csv files. The vertices and edges can be in an external representation.

EdgeList DataSource 

Load graph data from a directory containing a file representing (labeled-)edge list.


Counts all nodes and edges in the logical graph and adds these counts as attributes to the graph head.


Creates the union/intersection/difference of two logical graphs.

Distinct Vertex Degrees 

Calculates the vertex degree for each vertex of a logical graph: In-degree, out-degree and sum of both. Adds these informations as new properties to […]


The general idea of this operator is that everything that appears in the pattern graph is fused into a single vertex into the search graph.

Graph Sampling 

Takes a logical graph and picks a subset of vertices or edges from this graph.


Groups vertices/edges by labels/properties and calculates aggregations on those groups.