Node Connectivity

There are 4195 nodes that can be used as predessesor for a node with an input port of type Generic Port.


Groups vertices/edges by labels/properties and calculates aggregations on those groups.


Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search computes two interdependent scores for every vertex in a directed graph.

Label Propagation 

Label Propagation algorithm to detect communities in a logical graph.

LogicalGraph UDF 

User defined flink/gradoop source code to transform a logical graph.


Evaluates the given query using the Cypher query engine.


Computation of the PageRank scores for the connected vertices in a logical graph.

Reduce On Edges 

Create a reduce on edges neighborhood function on a logical graph.

Reduce On Neighbor 

Creates a reduce on neighbor neighborhood function on a logical graph.

Single Source Shortest Paths 

Single-Source Shortest-Path computes the shortest path from a source vertex to all other vertices of a logical graph.


Splits a logical graph into a graph collection based on user-defined property values.