Node Connectivity

There are 4195 nodes that can be used as predessesor for a node with an input port of type Generic Port.

EdgeList DataSource 

Load graph data from a directory containing a file representing (labeled-)edge list.

GDL DataSource 

Reads a graph collection from a GDL string.

CSV DataSink 

Writes Gradoop graphs as CSV into a directory.

DOT DataSink 

Writes Gradoop Graphs as Graphviz DOT into a file.

Graph Clustering For Viewer 

Computes a 2 level hierarchical clustering of a logical graph which can be explored with the Big Graph Viewer.


Counts all nodes and edges in the logical graph and adds these counts as attributes to the graph head.


Creates the union/intersection/difference of two logical graphs.

Distinct Vertex Degrees 

Calculates the vertex degree for each vertex of a logical graph: In-degree, out-degree and sum of both. Adds these informations as new properties to […]


The general idea of this operator is that everything that appears in the pattern graph is fused into a single vertex into the search graph.

Graph Sampling 

Takes a logical graph and picks a subset of vertices or edges from this graph.