Node Connectivity

There are 4195 nodes that can be used as predessesor for a node with an input port of type Generic Port.

imzML Reader Loop Start (Col Spectrum) 

This node is used for reading in imzML datasets in chunks of spectra. We note that we store the spectrums in the columns of the output ports.

WFS connector 

This node connects to a WFS service and user can select a source from there.


This node transforms geometry to a different coordinate reference system.

Snap to grid 

This node snaps all points of the input geometry to a regular grid

Polygon to line 

This nodes finds lines of a polygon geometry

Line to polygon 

Converts linestring or multilinestring to polygon

Geometries to multi-geometries 

This node returns an aggregated geometry from a collection of geometries.

Multi-geometry to geometries 

This node converts a multi geometry to a list of geometries.