Node Connectivity

There are 47 nodes that can be used as successor for a node with an output port of type GraphCollection.


Counts all nodes and edges per graph in the collection.


Creates the union/intersection/difference of two graph collections.

Graphs -> Graph 

Combines all graphs in a collection into one logical graph.


Limits the number of graphs in a collection to the specified maximum.


Filter logical graphs from a graph collection based on their associated graph head.

CSV DataSink 

Writes Gradoop graphs as CSV into a directory.

DOT DataSink 

Writes Gradoop Graphs as Graphviz DOT into a file.


The general idea of this operator is that everything that appears in the pattern graph is fused into a single vertex into the search graph.

Graph Heads Output 

Shows id, label and properties for each graph head in a table view.


Extracts a subgraph from a logical graph using the given filter functions.