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Workflow Evaluation

KNeval version 0.1.0 by University of Konstanz

Performs a workflow evaluation. Multiple test-workflows are evaluated against one model-workflow. With a "Modelflow Configuration"-node contained in the model-workflow, it can be specified what exactly has to be evaluated.


Testflow Files
Select a string-column in the input table that contains the file paths to test workflows, i.e. the workflows to be evaluated.
Create Workflow with Annotations
If checked the test-workflow is enriched with workflow annotations that represent the evaluation result. The new workflow is stored to another .zip-file and it's path is provided in the result table.
Model Workflow -Selected File
Select the model-workflow here. It is advisable to add a "Modelflow Configuration"-node to that workflow in order to better control the evaluation.

Input Ports

Table that contains a string-column with the paths to the workflows to be evaluated (.zip-files).

Output Ports

Result table that contains the evaluation result tree (as a json-object) and further information. Optionally, it also contains the paths to the annotated workflows.


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