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DeprecatedPtyhon Scripting Integration for KNIME version 3.3.0.v201902130805 by Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG)

This node opens a local Python session, converts the data table from Knime into a Python dictionary and imports it into the Python session as a variable. If a snippet/script is selected and the GUI configured, it is automatically available from the clipboad and can be pasted to Python. This enables quick prototyping of a script in Python.
The input data table is sent to Python and is imported as a variable named "kIn". If the optional input ports are used then variables are named "kIn1", "kIn2" and "kIn3".

Script Editor:
Copy, cut or paste and Python code to the editor and/or select the columns from your data table. If a template is loaded used the GUI to adapt the script to the input data.

Select a snippet template from the template repository (double-click or "Use this template") to use that script and see the GUI. The description explains what a snippet does. Then configure the GUI according to your input data.

This node is using Python as backend, make sure that a Python server is running somewhere, and Knime is accordingly configured (Knime->Preferences->Knime->Python scripting). Scripting integration Wiki (Python server)


Scipt Editor/Unlink from Template
Gives access to the Python script after adaptation by the GUI.
Scipt Editor/Edit Template
Gives access to the RGG script.
Loads again the template file.
Generate a temporary webpage shown in a browser which gives an overview about all available templates.
Desciption explains what this snippet does. Source displays the RGG script.
Templates/Use this template
Click to load the GUI (or double-click onto the template)

Input Ports

A data table pushed to Python