DataDirect Connector

This node connects to the P&G DataDirect service realized via Composite Data Virtualization layer, providing flexible connections to many P&G datasources. In order to use this node, set up Workflow Credentials for your P&G UserName and Password (& make sure you are registered as Data Virtualization user).



Workflow Credentials
The credentials to use. Right-click on your workflow in the Knime Explorer, and set up credentials to use. Then set the respective credential name in the node configuration dialog.

Advanced: Connection

DB Server
Server name without prefix. E.g.
DB Port
Port to use for the connection. Default: 9421
DB Domain
Composite Domain for this connection. Default: pg
DB Source
Source View. Default: CIS_DataDirect

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

A database JDBC connection to the Composite 'Data Virtualization' View.


This node has no views


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