Amazon Item Lookup (P&G)

Uses the Amazon Product Advertising API Item Lookup function to retrieve Item Attributes (e.g. Brand, Price, etc) via either a ASIN, EAN, UPC or SKU. Item Lookup function documentation can be found here. Authentication documentation can be found here.


API Settings

Lookup Type
Select id type to use in query (ASIN, EAN, SKU, or UPC)
Product Id
Associated ASIN, EAN, SKU or UPC used as part of the Item Lookup function
Country associated with Amazon store (US, UK, JP, etc)


Access Key Id
Access key provided as part of Amazon Developer account creation
Secret Key
Access secret provided as part of Amazon Developer account creation
Associate Tag
Associate Tag created as part of affiliate program

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Item attributes for product results - one row per result
Error Messages returned from API - one row per result

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