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SeeSAR Project Generator

DeprecatedBioSolveIT SeeSAR for Knime version by BioSolveIT GmbH

Please replace this node by the updated "SeeSAR Project Generator" node! Check the input ports, as the new node implementation now has a library input port on the first (top) position.

Setup your protein with SeeSAR. Your definition of a Binding Site will be stored in a SeeSAR project, that serves as input for Hyde with SeeSAR or FlexX docking.

SeeSAR has to be licensed separately, see http://www.biosolveit.de/SeeSAR/ for more details.


Reference ligand column
The Binding Site will be defined by this reference ligand molecule.
The first molecule will be taken, in case there are more than one.
Protein column
The first protein provided in this column is loaded into SeeSAR. If the input table contains more than one column with a compatible type (PDB), you can choose here which column should be taken.
Keep debug files and show the log after the run
This setting keeps all temporary files and opens an editor to show the output of SeeSAR. This setting is useful for debugging.

Input Ports

Reference Ligand: Input table with molecules in sdf or mol2 format with 3D coordinates. The first molecule of the selected column will be used to define the Binding Site.
PDB: Input table with a protein column in pdb format.

Output Ports

SeeSAR Project: The SeeSAR project with the Binding Site defined based on the given PDB and reference ligand.
After having run this node, a tooltip on this port will indicate, whether a docking is defined or not. If a docking is present, it will show "(with defined docking)", which is necessary to use it as input for the FlexX docking node.

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