This category contains 10 nodes.

AddEffx Create Key Metrics Report Request (P&G) 

Creates a batch-able request for key metrics report creation.

AdEffx Batch Request (P&G) 

Submits a batch of requests for processing.

AdEffx Clients List (P&G) 

Lists all Clients accessible by user

AdEffx Create Key Metrics Report (P&G) 

Requests the creation of a Key Metrics report based on the provided specifications.

AdEffx Fetch Report (P&G) 

Retrieves generated report from AdEffx API.

AdEffx List Campaign Placements (P&G) 

Retrieves placements for a specified campaign.

AdEffx List Campaigns (P&G) 

Retrieves AdEffx campaigns.

AdEffx Projects List (P&G) 

Lists all Projects associated with a Client ID

AdEffx Studies List (P&G) 

Lists all Studies associated with a Project

comScore AdEffx Connector (P&G) 

Connection to comScore AdEffx API. Requires username and password created within comScore AdEffx.