Fine Tunes

Manage fine-tuning jobs to tailor a model to your specific training data. The updated Fine-tuning endpoint offers more capabilites and newer models.

The Fine-tunes endpoint will be shut off on January 4th, 2024.

This category contains 5 nodes.

Cancel Fine Tune Deprecated

Immediately cancel a fine-tune job.

Create Fine Tune Deprecated

Creates a job that fine-tunes a specified model from a given dataset. Response includes details of the enqueued job including job status and the name of […]

List Fine Tune Events Deprecated

Get fine-grained status updates for a fine-tune job.

List Fine Tunes Deprecated

List your organization's fine-tuning jobs

Retrieve Fine Tune Deprecated

Gets info about the fine-tune job. [Learn more about fine-tuning](/docs/guides/legacy-fine-tuning)